Umbra Flex Shower Rings

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Umbra Flex Shower Rings

Slide your shower curtains open and close with ease with Flex Shower Rings. These minimalistic and modern shower rings are available in both single and double hook rings to fit your needs. Flex Shower Rings have a flexible sleeve and are made with beads that prevent noise when rolling curtains. Easily install by sliding the rings directly onto shower rod.

  • Silent, Easy Glide: Beads help to prevent noise when rolling for a smooth and effortless glide
  • Flexible Sleeve: Soft rubber bottom allows the shower rings to securely clip onto the shower rod with ease
  • Keeps Rod Scratch-Free: These strong and durable shower hooks come as a set of 12 and help to protect your shower rod from damage
  • Easy To Install: Flex Shower Rings feature flexible hooks for easy curtain attachment, making installation pain-free