Sunpak S34 - TSR

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The Sunpak S34 TSR is an outdoor gas-fired infrared heater which is operated with a wireless remote control. The heater can be operated at a High setting with an input of 34,000 BTU/Hr or at a LOW setting of 25,000 BTU/Hr. Each heater comes with wireless operating remote controls that are pre-programmed for that heater. The number located on the louvered end of the heater corresponds to the number on the remote control. Should the original remote control become lost, additional remote controls can be purchased. However, the heater will need to be reprogrammed for the new remote control.

The Sunpak S34-TSR should always be started up and operated on the HIGH mode for the first 5 minutes to allow the heater to warm up. Starting up the heater on the LOW mode before the heater is warmed up may cause the heater to shut down prematurely. To correct this situation press the OFF button followed by the ON button and the HI button. Always PRESS the button for at least 1 second to allow proper transmission of the remote signal.

Although these heaters are designed for outdoor installation and use, it is important that the wireless remote control(s) be protected from the weather. Should the remote control become wet, it may be necessary to replace the control. Keep controls out of reach of children. Each control has four buttons (ON OFF HI LOW). The remote controls are powered by batteries. The remote control has an approximate 25 foot line of sight range. Weak batteries can limit the effective range of operation.

S34-TSR Specifications

  • 25,000-34,000 BTH/Hr
  • Black or Stainless Steel
  • Two-Stage Control
  • Natural Gas or Propane
  • 7.5 V DC control system
  • Wireless Handheld & Wall Remotes
  • Programmable up to 3 controls
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Wall or Ceiling Mounted
  • Rain Protected
  • CSA Design Certified
  • Optional Beveled Face Trim