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The Island Grillstone™ barbeque accessory is a NEW barbeque accessory that enhances your cooking experience on your grill. The Island Grillstone™ barbeque accessory is a stone slab of natural porous volcanic rock cut to fit most barbeques. The cooking stone holds the natural flavour, moisture and nutrients in the food, and prevents flare-ups that cause charring.

STONE SIZE = 14" x 14"Grill meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and even pizza

Even heating surface helps to cook meat perfectly

Add marinades or sauces without flare-ups

Food won't slip through the grill healthier style of cooking reduces charring

Food retains moisture and nutrients

Enhances natural flavours

Easy to use

Easy to clean

The Island Grillstone™ barbeque accessory adds a new cooking surface to the traditional barbeque for delicious meat, seafood, vegetables and even pizza. Transform your barbeque with this ancient method of stone grilling – just add the stone to your barbeque grill for a healthy, gourmet style of outdoor cookery.