Barbecue Secrets Deluxe by Rockin Ronnie Shewchuck

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Rockin` Ronnie Shewchuk is obsessed with outdoor cooking. His enthusiasm for the grill has been called both "contagious" and "evangelical." His wife has even described herself as a "barbeque widow." Now in Barbecue Secrets DELUXE!, Rockin` Ronnie has compiled all the best recipes, tips and insights he has collected on his road to barbecue enlightenment. This essential guide contains over 200 recipes including the best from Ron`s two bestselling books, Barbecue Secrets and Planking Secrets, as well as 50 brand new dishes. It`s full of detailed information and guidelines on how to grill, barbecue and plank almost anything. Every experienced backyard cook knows that thicker and juicier is better, and this volume is no exception. Packed with sizzling stories from Ron`s time on the international barbecue circuit, comprehensive lists of must-have equipment and even music recommendations, Barbecue Secrets DELUXE! is guaranteed to take your grilling experience to a whole `nuther level. Your copy of Barbecue Secrets DELUXE! is destined to be splattered with barbecue sauce and tinged with the smell of smoke. So, get out your tongs, fire up your grill and try some of these mouth-watering new recipes: Jamaican Jerk Chicken Seared Calamari with Fresh Tomato-Basil Salsa Grilled Oysters with Orange-Walnut Vinaigrette Salmon Burger, West Coast Style Spice-Crusted Pork Blade Steaks Grilled Polenta Diamonds with Chipotle Goat Cheese and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

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