Top 5 Questions We Get Asked About Outdoor Kitchens

by Kerrisdale Lumber

We get customers on the daily wanting to start their outdoor kitchen journey, but struggle to know where to begin. Like any big home project, there are tons of resources out there with guides to renovating your home, your bathroom, your kitchen...but what about your outdoor kitchen?


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The good news is that our team of experts in the outdoor industry can help you navigate all the questions, concerns and hesitations (because we know you may have some!) about your outdoor kitchen project. Take a look at the five most asked questions we receive about starting your outdoor kitchen project below!

1. How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?

This is a great question - we'd even say this may be the most important question to hone in on before you begin your design phase; however, this can also be a tough question for us to answer right away.

We have a range of projects from high-end custom outdoor kitchens, with an abundance of accessories (can range anywhere from $15,000 - $100,000) to smaller outdoor kitchen projects in a backyard "nook" ($5000 - $10,000).

We also have tons of experience, not just in residential home-owner backyards, but in larger multi-family dwellings where the outdoor kitchen is used as a common space for the building. There are so many variations of designs for smaller spaces, for larger spaces, and all of them in between! We are ready to tackle whatever you have for us.

2. Do I need a contractor for my outdoor kitchen?

Yes and no. There are tons of options that are quick and easy to assemble. For example, there are prefabbed cabinet options (Urban Bonfire, Danver and Napoleon), pre-built structures (aluminum frames wrapped in cement board or stainless steel) or some companies make ready-to-go kitchens with appliances and structure included.

You can find these "ready-to-go", or as we like to call them, "QuickShip Outdoor Kitchens" on our website here.

Finally, we offer an "assemble" option that includes delivery, assembly, setting all the appliances in place and leveling the kitchen for countertops. What you will need a contractor for is hook ups for utilities (ie. gas, electric, plumbing) - you will need a contractor to facilitate this process if it is necessary for your space.

3. How long will it take to build my outdoor kitchen?

Again, this can depend on the project. That being said, depending on the size of the project, our timeline will usually be around 4-6 weeks. If you were looking to get your outdoor kitchen fast, we have the QuickShip kitchens that don't require going through the whole design process with us that would be necessary for a custom outdoor kitchen. We also always recommend starting the project as early as possible before the Spring to make sure the product shortages and shipping delays are managed well so you can enjoy your kitchen before the season even starts.

4. Can I use my outdoor kitchen year-round in Vancouver's type of climate?

Since we're located in Vancouver, we are very well versed in all kinds of rainy weather. The good news is that we offer tons of options to protect your outdoor kitchen from environmental factors. It's amazing what some covers, patio heaters and fire tables can do to your space to make it useable all year round. When it comes to the quality of appliances, we are very selective about the quality of our brand selections, so you can be sure your outdoor kitchen will be weather proof and winter-ready. 

5. Will adding an outdoor kitchen to my home increase it's value long term?

More and more, we're seeing real estate developers and home builders add custom outdoor kitchens to their home builds to maximize value of, not only the indoor space, but the outdoor space too. Again, this depends on the customization level of the outdoor kitchen, but this can add a great "bonus" to the outdoor space of the home and can be a great selling feature.

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  • Ian Gordon

    I don’t see the other cabinet options I saw 4 weeks ago. One was the frame and concrete boards and the other one was all stainless built and the pricing on both was reasonable. I was really interested in the all stainless steel custom made one. Do you no longer sell that line as this was on your web page but no longer?

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