3 Tips to Consider When Installing an Outdoor Firepit

by Kerrisdale Lumber

Finding the perfect place to locate an outdoor firepit is important. Homeowners should carefully plan this area to ensure that it remains a convenient and inviting focal point for an outdoor area.

Build a Comfy Alcove

Many homeowners create a designated alcove for gathering around the fireplace. A preexisting seating area might be the perfect spot for your fireplace, especially when the natural traffic flow already supports this area.

Keep it Close to the House

Just because your gathering centers around the outdoor firepit doesn't mean guests won't need the indoors. For convenience, place the firepit near to the home, kitchen, or outdoor BBQ area. This way, no one has to stray far when they go to turn steaks or grab a glass of wine.

Consider Safety

For both safety and convenience, leave roughly seven feet of empty space on all sides of the firepit. This will allow plenty of room for movement and furniture placement, and also keep everyone at a safe distance from the flames. Make sure surrounding structures, such as trees, buildings, and landscaping, are all comfortably outside of the fire's reach. Also, consider the direction of any predominant winds and locate your seating areas out of smoke-inhalation range.

Adding an outdoor firepit to a backyard can ensure many evenings of comfort and enjoyment. Homeowners should think about these tips when considering adding one to their yards.

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