So You Want to Build an Outdoor Kitchen? What to Do & Where to Start

by Kerrisdale Lumber

Congratulations! The fact that you're reading this and are here with us means that you've taken the leap to start digging into what the actual facts are about building an outdoor kitchen. 

We have done hundreds of outdoor kitchens over the 30 years we've been in the industry, so we can imagine you may be facing some confusion and uncertainty about the process. That's why we've created this outdoor kitchen guide to help you navigate the waters, whether you're getting your outdoor kitchen done through us or not. Let's jump right in!

Step 1: Take it to Instagram

Although we love Google, we also know it can get a bit overwhelming when you just type in "outdoor kitchens" into Google. Rather than Google-ing outdoor kitchen information, create a file on your computer or phone with outdoor kitchen inspiration photos and videos so that you can take that with you to your initial consultation. Make a Pinterest board, save Instagram photos, and make that folder something you can show your design team for reference. We've even listed some resources for you here so you don't have to look too far!

Check Out Our Dealer Partner Accounts on Instagram for Some Inspo:

Kerrisdale Lumber Home 

Urban Bonfire 

Sherwood Outdoor Kitchens

Danver Outdoor Kitchens 

Kalamazoo Gourmet

Hestan Outdoor Kitchens


Step 2: Measure your space

The sooner you can get this step done, the better! We're going to need measurements for the space you're wanting your outdoor kitchen in - and make sure to check that twice. Also, the more the merrier - take as many measurements as you can so we can really get detailed!


Step 3: Snap some pics!

We're going to need photos of the actual space if possible along with those pesky measurements so we can align your design vision with the actual space. This will really help us out when heading into the design phase of your project to make sure all those nuts and bolts are in place and it turns out just as you want it.

Step 4: Browse some add ons

There are so many options when it comes to your custom outdoor kitchen options. Many of our customers come to us in search of additional outdoor kitchen accessories that can take your project to a whole new level. By integrating outdoor heating options like fire tables, fire pits, electric or propane heaters, pizza ovens and more, you can really customize the space to fit your needs. Since the weather is so iffy in Vancouver also, we have plenty of options for covers and protection to weather-proof your structures, keeping everything safe from rain and snow all winter long. Make a list of additional accessories you would like to consider and we'll go from there!

Step 5: You're ready to book!

Now that you've prepared your lists and folders for your outdoor kitchen consultation, you can now take all that information to your team of outdoor living experts. Just book a complimentary consultation through our website, upload any photos you have available, and one of our team members will contact you by phone or book an appointment at our showroom in Kerrisdale to get started on your project.


We're so excited that you're considering starting your outdoor kitchen journey - we know it can be daunting, but we're here to answer all of your questions and concerns to help you navigate this exciting project. 

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