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Umbra Keyhole Paper Towel Holder

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Umbra Keyhole Paper Towel Holder

Keyhole Paper Towel Holder has a simplistic modern form featuring a narrow, rounded shape. Its glossy nickel base and sleek black molded post, Keyhole is a modern spin on a paper towel holder. Keyhole's metal base has a shallow bowl shape, assisting to hold the paper towel in place,creating a clean one-handed tear. The center post tapers to two points providing sufficient friction for the tear. Keyhole is durable, with a heavy metal base, and molded rubber post.

  • Sleek, Simple Form: With a slim shape and a minimalist design, Keyhole’s black rubber post complements and enhances its nickel finished base, while gripping your paper towel roll. its rounded top is modern and eye-catching
  • One-Handed Tears: Keyhole's molded post and non-slip base create friction for seamless, one-handed tear
  • Durable: Constructed using a combination of a heavy metal base and molded soft grip post, in black and nickel finishes, Keyhole Paper Towel Holder is durable and long lasting
  • Easy To Clean: Wipe down with a damp cloth