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Voted by America’s Test Kitchen as the best cutting board for home chefs and professionals alike, the Edge Grain Traditional Cutting Boards by TeakHaus are built to last a lifetime of use. Made of FSC®-certified teak wood that contains natural oily resins to keep the board looking fresh over time, this spacious 20” x 15” cutting board has plenty of workspace for you to chop fresh produce, carve meats, and prepare delicious meals with ease.

With a durable and elegant edge grain surface that’s resistant to splitting and warping, this superior cutting board can be used daily without dulling your knives or losing its smooth, flat surface. This hefty board has a sturdy weight that won’t slip while in use and features integrated hand grips for easy movement around the kitchen. Plus, it has a built-in juice canal along the border to catch excess liquids from ripe tomatoes, juicy meats, and more, so your work surface stays clean and organized while preparing food. With the perfect balance of functionality and style, the ProTeak Edge Grain Cutting Board will quickly become your favorite tool for all your prepping and cutting needs!

ProTeak Edge Grain Cutting Board Features:

  • Made of certified FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) teak wood from well-managed forests
  • Stylish edge grain surface
  • Resistant to splitting and warping
  • Sturdy weight ensure board won't slip while in use
  • Knife-friendly teak wood won’t dull knives
  • Moisture-resistant | Stain-resistant
  • Integrated hand grips for easy movement of cutting board
  • Juice canal catches excess liquids to keep your board clean
  • Hand wash
  • For longevity, apply mineral oil occasionally