Swany ViralOff Mask (Adults)

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Very Breathable, amazingly comfortable face mask for daily use. Re-usable and time saving with less washing. Thin and Extremely easy to carry around everywhere you go. 99% reduction of viruses of the fabric within 2 hours, making the fabric self-sanitizing.

  • FABRIC: ViralOff Treated Polyester/Spandex
  • FEATURES: Self Sanitizing, Less Washing, 4-Way Stretch, Odor Resistant, 3DV Fitting and Water Resistant


From the company:

"Polygiene ViralOff proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 In the first test ever using the ISO method* on the SARS-CoV-2 virus on textiles, Polygiene ViralOff® was confirmed the first commercial textiles treatment in the world to reduce the virus by over 99% over two hours.

Our masks are polyester (very tightly woven) with spandex stretch (to help seal around parts of the face). This fabric is about the same as having 2-3 layers of cotton or linen, or is actually like the filter. Filters needs to be covered on both sides because they hold onto the virus. Of course, adding the ViralOff does something the cotton masks/filters do not do – help to destroy the virus on the fabric itself, so there is reduction of you breathing it in, and reduction of breathing the virus out when wearing the mask. (while as with cotton, the virus will remain on the cotton until the mask is washed.). A simple test of this is to put the ViralOff mask on and try to blow out a candle (you will not be able to)."