Blomus GRID Tea Towel

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Agave Green
Elephant SKin
Rose Dust
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blomus Tea Towels - Set of 2 - GRID are made of linen and cotton. The cotton makes the towel absorbent while the linen fabric makes the towels durable. The high quality woven towels are machine washable and have a tag for hanging. 19-11/16" x 27-5/8". Available in 5 colors: Gunmetal Grey, Agave Green, Microchip (light grey), Elephant Skin (medium grey), and Rose Dust

  • Includes a tab for hanging
  • Set includes 2 towels

blomus is synonymous with intelligent, minimalist, and functional design for the contemporary home. Founded in 1961 and rooted in the German tradition of exceptional quality and highly skilled craftsmanship, we have built our success on a firm belief in the honesty of materials, the purity of shape, and the necessity of a passionate approach.