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Fire pits are becoming extremely popular. Ever since the pandemic, people have preferred to stay indoors. Meeting your friends or spending some extra time with your family, all such activities have been pushed indoors to keep everyone safe and healthy. As more companies moved towards work-from-home, people have found it more relaxing to work in outdoor spaces at home. These are just a few reasons for the newly found popularity of fire tables Coquitlam.

When planning to buy a new fire pit, always consider its fuel usage, location, and of course style. Fire tables and fire pits that burn on wood produce more heat and are more evocative. But, most fire pits and tables in Coquitlam are gas-fuelled. Some traditionalists still like to build a pit from rocks and bricks. But there is a wide range of ready-made Coquitlam fire pits for sale. Whether you want to go with a sleek design addition to your outdoor living room or a cosy, ‘smores-toasting spot, we have picked out the best patio furniture in Coquitlam.

1) Paramount Concrete Look Aluminium Fire Table:

We have kept it at the top of the list because it combines style with simplicity. It offers electronic ignition which makes it easy and safe to light up the fire pit. When not in use, a fire pit cover is also provided. For burning purposes, the fire pit uses a 10 lbs propane tank. Since it’s not included in the set, there is an alternate for it as well. You are provided with a kit to switch to natural gas. The pit not only provides heat but also acts as a decorative piece. It includes 18 lbs of 1/2 round fire beads for a stunning shimmering look. To give a more concrete look, the fire pit uses 304-grade stainless steel.

2) Carbon Collection Concrete-Look Square Fire Pit:

By the looks of it, the fire pit may seem very heavy. But the aluminium fire table is extremely lightweight. Great care was taken to make the design as modern as possible and is incorporated with a 304-grade stainless steel burner. The propane tank is the fuel source and is kept out of the fire pit. If for any reason, someone wants to convert to natural gas then the kit is included for it. The concrete fire pit will not only look classy in your outdoor space but will also become your favourite cosy spot. The product features 18 lbs of ½ round black fire beads and an outdoor vinyl cover. To add a touch of smoothness, there is a fire table lid and a tempered glass wind guard.

3) Pyromania Moderne Fire Table (Charcoal):

Looking to buy patio fire pit in Coquitlam? Seriously consider the Pyromania Fire Table. It’s not just another piece of furniture lying around your outdoor living space, but it’s an art. We wanted one of our fire features to have a signature effect on your outdoor living space.

The table has been handcrafted to ensure durability while still keeping it very lightweight. Not only this but these fire tables are beautiful, portable, and have extra safety features.

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