Kamado Style Grilling

Kamado Style Grilling

Posted by Tessa Ross

There are so many types of barbecues out there, from ceramic, portable, smoker, and most famously the gas grill. But what makes Kamado style grilling so unique? Is one better than the other? In reality, no, one isn't better than the other. It's more about what type of taste you're trying to achieve from your method of grilling. 


Let me give you a quick run-down of Kamado style grilling. Kamado grilling dates back years ago, when our ancestors cooked from heavy duty clay cooking pots. Today though – and thanks to technological advances – Kamado grilling is typically attributed to ceramic cooking, meaning the exterior is made of a thick ceramic shell to ensure maximum heat distribution. In fact, some Kamado grills can heat up to 800°F. Its heavy insulation not only allows the grill to exude plenty of heat, but also to maintain a low-temperature for grilling and smoking.

This style of grilling is not confined to North America though; the Indian 'tandoor' and the Japanese 'mushikamado' are examples of just how global ceramic cooking is. 

In contrast to a gas grill, Kamado grills generally use lump charcoal as fuel. In some cases, such as the Black Olive Kamado Grill, it uses wood pellets instead. Kamado grills are often lauded for not having any flavour contamination, or a metallic taste sometimes found in metal or stainless steel grills. 

While the Kamado grill obviously suggests that it is used for grilling, not a lot of people know that its circular or oval shape is perfect for cooking pizzas. Many Kamado grills have great pizza stone accessories to pair with their grills. You can also roast or bake practically any type of food thanks to its precise airflow control through its precise ventilation control! 

Mix it up – if you're looking at building an outdoor kitchen, don't just put in the conventional gas barbecues and its accessories. Throw in a Kamado style grill like a Primo to make your outdoor kitchen as versatile as possible.  


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